Why become a member?

The Independent Brewers Association is an organisation with a clear mission: Quality Independent Beer Everywhere.

But we're more than an organisation. We're a community. A community of 530+ breweries and partners that work (and play) together to support each other and our collective success.

Working closely with our members, we plays a critical role in helping to level regulatory playing fields, promote the unique contribution independent brewers make to Australian life and ensure our sector works as smart as it does hard.

Being a member gives you the opportunity to participate in the conversation, the strategy and to share in the wins. We work on your behalf, and our collective voice is stronger than ever.


Independent Breweries are at the heart of everything we do.

As outlined in our Constitution, an Independent Brewer means an entity that brews, or commissions the brewing of, beer in Australia and:

  1. Is more than 51% owned and controlled by persons who are Australian citizens or Australian residents;
  2. Does not have 20% or more ownership/controlling or other interest from a Dominant Retailer or another alcoholic drinks business who would not itself be assessed as an ‘Independent Brewery’ in accordance with this definition; and
  3. Does not derive more than 51% of its revenue from gaming.

The definition of Dominant Retailer is: Dominant Retailer means Endeavour Group Limited and Coles Group Limited and any of their subsidiaries or joint ventures trading under the same or a similar name.

Our Brewery Members:

  • Can use the Certified Independent Seal on their products and in their venues – helping consumers identify the right brew for those looking to support a local. The Independent Seal helps to promote our industry but those breweries who use it also benefit from our direct-to-consumer campaigns where we aim to raise awareness of the device and what it means.
  • Feature on #Askforindiebeer website and social media - direct-to-consumer promotion.
  • Gain access to a wide range of resources ranging from production quality checklists, human resource policies to webinars on every topic from producing non-alcoholic beer to the future of the beer industry in Australia. These resources will save you time and money.
  • Receive support and tools to participate in advocacy with government representatives.
  • Receive exclusive offers and discounts from Associate Members that partner with us throughout the supply chain.
  • Get discounts or free access to our events.
  • Have the support of a dedicated team whenever they need it.

If you meet our definition and keen to join the Independent Brewers Association simply email us at membership@iba.org.au and we will support you through the joining process.

If you love the sound of all of the above but you are still in the planning phase or waiting for your development application - don't worry you can join as a Brewery In Planning Member and access all of the same resources so you can set yourself up for success right from the beginning.