The Independent Seal

The Story Behind The Independent Seal

The development of the Independent Seal came off the back of the success of a similar initiative launched by the US Brewers Association. It was created to define ownership and to delineate independent breweries from those that are foreign owned.

As the market for craft beer in Australia expanded, larger foreign owned companies began acquiring small breweries, often leading to a loss of the unique qualities and community-focused values that defined independent brewing.

In response, in 2018 the IBA launched the Independent Seal as a way to help consumers easily identify and support truly independent breweries.

The Independent Seal represents a commitment to authenticity, quality, and community. It assures consumers that the beer they are enjoying is crafted by an Australian owned and operated business, with a focus on creativity and passion rather than mass production and profit margins.

The Independent Seal is more than just a label; it is a symbol of the dedication and hard work of the artisan makers who strive to create exceptional beers.

Who can use the Independent Seal?

The Independent Seal can be used by our brewery members. Once approved, breweries can use the device on their packaging, marketing materials, websites, tap handles, menus, and other related materials.

Associate members can use the Independent Supporter Seal as a way of indicating their support for the sector.

How do we promote the Independent Seal?

If our members care enough to use the Independent Seal we must ensure that we have strategy that underpins this effort and that we are doing our job in making sure that consumers understand the ‘why’.

In order to achieve this, we have undertaken national awareness raising campaigns, tactical marketing campaigns and produced guidelines and a range of materials that members can purchase to display in brewpubs and taprooms across the nation.

We also work in partnership with trade retailers) and as many consumer facing events as possible to ensure that our participating members are identified and that event-goers are aware of what the Independent Seal means.

How can I apply to use the Independent Seal?

When you become a member, you will need to make an application to use the Independent Seal or Independent Supporter Seal so we can ensure you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions – just contact us to get started.

If you are a current member click here to apply.


There are two versions - the Certified Independent Seal and the Certified Independent Supporter Seal.

Breweries must use the Certified Independent Seal while the Certified Independent Supporter Seal is available to Associate Members.