Thank you for entering the 2024 Indies.

Check out the trophies we offer, so you can start working out which beers you''ll be entering.

All entries are eligible to win a class trophy.

A champion trophy is presented to the best single beer in each of the following classes:

  1. Modern Pale Ale
  2. Traditional Pale Ale
  3. Amber- Dark Ale
  4. Porter/Stout
  5. Juicy- Hazy Pale Ale
  6. Juicy- Hazy India Pale Ale
  7. Specialty Beer
  8. Traditional Lager
  9. Modern Lager
  10. Modern India Pale Ale
  11. Traditional India Pale Ale
  12. European-Style Ale
  13. British-Style Ale
  14. Non Alcohol
  15. Reduced Alcohol
  16. Strong, Wood + Barrel- Aged
  17. Sour, Fruit + Funk

Champion class beers are determined through a knockout round process where all the gold medals in each class (eg. Modern Pale Ale) are rejudged against one another to determine the champion beer of that class.