Awards Criteria & Judging

Our Mission

To celebrate and reward the quality and innovation of the Australian Independent brewing industry

The Indies Awards aims to:

  • Improve quality via benchmarking and feedback
  • Build better marketing opportunities for indie brewers.

We are proud to provide this invaluable platform and to boast that we offer a panel of the most respected judges in the country who aim to deliver a high quality competition that offers meaningful feedback and honest results.

Its all very complex but here’s an outline of all the trophies, how medals are scored and how you get to be the ultimate champion!

Minimum Standard for Medals

An outstanding beer displaying the correct appearance, aroma, flavour and balance according to style with high level of technical merit; a world class example.
An excellent beer maintaining close adherence of appearance, aroma, flavour, balance appropriate to style; an excellent example.
A very good beer that has minor deviations from style parameters and/or appearance, aroma, flavour, balance appropriate to style; a fine example