State Strategies

Our State Specific Strategies

While being a national body we also do our very best to catch the legislative/regulatory changes and to address opportunities and challenges at a local level.

After seeing the power of the NSW Independent Beer Action Plan, in 2020 we embarked on a mission to have a plan, policy or strategy in place in every state.

We are hoping that, in 2024 this ambition will be realised. Here’s an update on where we are at:

  1. New South Wales - the NSW Independent Beer Action Plan was launched in 2019 and still going strong.
  2. Queensland – the Queensland Craft Brewing Strategy was launched in 2018 and is currently under review pending the launch of a new plan that also includes Queensland's artisan distillers.
  3. South Australia – we went about this a little differently and are currently finalising a draft plan ourselves prior to presenting it to government.
  4. Tasmania – thanks to our State Chapter Lead legend, this plan has now been written and with state government for endorsement. Along with a funding submission so we can crack on with implementation asap!
  5. Victoria – In Victoria we work through the Victorian Drinks Alliance, now in its third year with successful industry and direct to consumer activities promoting Drink Well, drink Victorian.
  6. Western Australia – finalised and will be launched at the WA Craft Brewing Conference on 2 August.
"While our work at a federal level is important, we have seen significant benefit derived from having a state specific plan in place. It is for the reason that we set about advocating for or creating strategy where there was none - and we are almost there!
Kylie Lethbridge, CEO