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Interpreting Malt Certificates of Analysis

Understanding malt analysis is key to producing beer of consistent quality. Malt and barley are natural ingredients subject to batch-to-batch ...

Packaging Best Practice – Part 1

Quality Program
Join Clare Clouting and Dan McCulloch from the IBA Quality Group for information all about packaging. The discussion addresses hygiene ...

Best Practice Alcohol Content

One of the most important food safety aspects of brewing is alcohol compliance to the label including accurately portraying the standard ...

Best Practice Packaging Guide

Quality Program - Packaging & Dispatch
Packaging is the last but often most-overlooked step in the brewing process even though it is the step where quality can ...

Packaged Quality in a Modern Beer Portfolio

Presented at GBW Trade Hub 2021
Presented by Jon Seltin (Brick Lane Brewing) this conversation explores product recalls and quality issues in modern beer. It features ...

Hop Certificate of Analysis Interpretation

Quality Program: Raw Materials & Purchasing
Understanding hop analysis is key to producing beer of consistent quality. Hops are a natural ingredient produced by a highly ...

Carbonation Best Practice

Quality Program: Inspection & Testing
Carbonation is the measurement of the amount of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in a solution. This is of importance in beer ...

Oxygen Control in Microbreweries

Quality Program: Oxygen Control in Microbreweries
Dissolved Oxygen, the enemy of beer due to its detrimental impact on haze and flavour stability. This Guide provides practical ...