State Chapter Leads

Our Super Generous State Chapter Leads

These volunteer roles were established to ensure a local leadership point between the IBA team and members of the industry.

The role includes:

  1. Keeping track of brewery movements in the state or territory.
  2. Identifying local issues and opportunities.
  3. Communicating important information.
  4. Coordinating forums to share experiences and to foster collaborative approaches.
  5. Providing advice and assistance with our advocacy efforts and legislative/regulatory submissions.
  6. Representing the industry at relevant meetings/consultations eg. Container Deposit Schemes etc.
  7. Encouraging active participation in industry and consumer events.
  8. Assisting with the development or implementation of state-based strategies and plans.

We cannot adequately communicate how much work the State Chapter Leads undertake on behalf of our members and we can’t thank them enough. Representing a large – or small cohort of breweries is not easy and they give freely of their time to do so. These are passionate supporters of the industry and have every desire to see it thrive.

Here’s our legends should you wish to make contact – or just give them a massive pat on the back next time you’re having a beer!

  • NEW SOUTH WALES – Scotty Morgan, American Canning
  • NORTHERN TERRITORY – Kyle Pearson, Alice Springs Brewing Co.
  • QUEENSLAND – currently vacant
  • SOUTH AUSTRALIA – Steve Brockman, Brightstar Brewing
  • TASMANIA – Jon Burridge, Yakima Chief Hops
  • VICTORIA – currently vacant
  • WESTERN AUSTRALIA – Cameron Parker, Good Drinks Australia