Our Code of Conduct

We developed and adopted our Code of Conduct as a way to easily identify and communicate the values we wish to espouse

To advance our Mission, we believe that we and our members (and their representatives) must act with honesty and integrity, conduct themselves professionally, and embrace all people.

Accordingly, we require all members to conduct themselves in accordance with this Code of Conduct and failure do so may result in censure, suspension of membership or expulsion from the IBA in accordance with the Constitution.

This Code constitutes a By-Law under our Constitution and outlines the obligations of members, and applies to individual officers, directors, shareholders, partners, employees, and other representatives of the Member.

The Code also applies to employees of the IBA and to volunteers serving on committees and subcommittees.

We have produced a one page flyer that you can use and display in your workplace, for both your employees and customers. It is also easily adaptable for your business should you wish to introduce a Code.

To record what you feel may be breaches of the Code please contact: Kylie.Lethbridge@iba.org.au