About Us

The Independent Brewers Association (of Australia)

The Independent Brewers Association provides a united voice for independently-owned brewers and their supply chain partners in Australia.

The IBA is member-funded by small businesses and does not receive funding from government of any kind so much of our remit involves fighting for recognition of our industry while supporting our members to thrive and succeed.

We work with politicians, government departments and agencies, other industry or trade Associations and international counterparts to represent the interests of our Australian independent brewers.

Working alongside our members, we seek to build a strong, sustainable future for our industry and to unify our sector under the vision of Quality Independent Beer Everywhere.

Who are our members?

Australia’s 600+ independently-owned breweries embody a culture of connection with the community.  Each brewery takes a unique approach to how they connect with their customers, but overall, we provide places for communities to gather and participate locally through donations, sponsorship and volunteerism.

Our members are overwhelmingly small to medium businesses in big cities and small communities throughout Australia – they employ locals and give back to their communities.

They strengthen Australia’s manufacturing capability, provide tourism destinations, work directly with the agricultural sector and their profits stay in Australia.

Our industry experienced extraordinary growth and transformation in the decade leading up to 2021, thanks to the tenacity and innovation of our small businesses. In this relatively short period, the independent beer sector grew to almost 8% of the total Australian beer market in 2021.

Independent breweries pride themselves on being part of the community, offering that ‘just around the corner’ meeting place, they strive for sustainability, give to local clubs and charities and importantly, produce flavoursome products all made with quality ingredients and a lot of love.

Our valued Associate Members cover the spectrum of the brewing process and join not only to support our brewery members but also to support the Association as the only body advocating for small independent breweries.

They also support our projects via sponsorship and member networking and professional development events like; Mash Ups, the Independent Beer Awards, BrewCon.

Our Constitution

Our original Constitution was made in 2017 and a new iteration adopted at the Annual General Meeting in April 2024.

It guides how we operate, defines eligibility for membership and our structure.

Download IBA Constitution
For media enquiries please email communications@iba.org.au or out of business hours please call Kylie on 0490 818 717